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How to Make a Baby Poop

How to Make a Baby Poop


earning how to make a baby poop is a serious consideration for some parents. That because contrary to popular belief, not every baby is an immediate expert at filling their diapers. Understanding how to get a newborn to poop could be crucial in situations where changes or problems in feeding, a lack of gut flora, or sickness is causing baby bowel movements to slow or become non-existent. But even if your baby isn’t pooping, that doesn’t mean there’s a problem. So while there are gentle and non-invasive ways to make a newborn poop, parents shouldn’t jump the gun.

Before parents can understand how to make a baby poop they need to understand what constitutes “normal” stools. “Infants who used to stool several times a day when they’re first born may slow down their production to just once every couple of days and that can be normal,” says Dr. Syeda Amna Husain, a board-certified pediatrician, internationally-certified lactation consultant and founder of Pure Direct Pediatrics. “The infant’s gut bacteria changes and matures as the infant grows older. The bacteria play an important part in the digestion process and are really one of the reasons that baby stool changes in character over the first few months of life.”
For babies who are exclusively breast-fed, the changes can be even more extreme. Breastfed newborns may poop after every feeding, save it all up for one bowel movement a day or even go days between producing a stool.
“What we as pediatricians care about is the consistency of the stool and if the infant is appearing to be any sort of discomfort,” Husain notes.

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